Photoshoot for Tango school

2018, 23 April

40 images for Tango school [website project].

Catalog Photoshoot

2018, 05 April

Catalog photoshoot, 40 wedding dresses for Maja boutique.

Video for Ferro S.A.

2017, 18 December

[Film] STU Theatre – Wandering by St. Wyspiański

ALREADY IS NOW! We recorded at the end of 2015. 3 hours live show, for 3 days, plus extra time night shots of selected scenes. 5 points of view (Sony EX3 cameras). Monthly intense firt editing with 15 hours of raw footage. Then, for half a year, multiple meetings with director K. Jasiński, a new director’s cat, from 3 hours is 1 hour. In June, extra time with the actors. In Autumn post-production of sound. The beginning of 2017 final cut and now is: “Wandering according to Stanisław Wyspiański” at the STU Theater, DVD edition. Video Production, Camera and Editing: Maciej Odrzywolski 😉